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2nd March 2005

jonny_lang11:17am: 1. I _____ Jonny.
2. Jonny is _____.
3. Jonny needs _____.
4. I want to _____ Jonny.
5. Jonny can _____.
6. Jonny reminds me of _____.
7. Without Jonny, _______.
8. Jonny can be _____.
9. Jonny is always _____.
10. The worst thing about Jonny is _____.
11. The best thing about Jonny is _____.
12. I think Jonny should ____.
13. If Jonny was an animal, he'd be a(n) _____.
14. Jonny makes me want to _____.
15. Jonny probably tastes like _____.
16. If I could spend the day with Jonny, I'd _____.
17. I'd _____ for Jonny.
18. Jonny is made of _____.
19. If I could be Jonny for a day, I'd _____.
20. The song _____ by _____ reminds me of Jonny.
Current Mood: bouncy

1st March 2005

jonny_lang11:08am: Help!
Could anyone out there be so kind as to make me some new icons? I deleted mine and then realized I didn't save them. It would be appreciated.
Current Mood: dorky

24th February 2003

ex_daniel_jo9314:52pm: [My username's been changed by the rename system, so I was wondering if the powers that be could add the proper one in? daniel_johns? I'd be very grateful. Thanks.

- Daniel Person]
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19th January 2003


8th October 2002

paul_gc6:04am: To get everything straight
[OCC:I am the Paul Thomas, I've been the Paul Thomas, I have a perfect Storyline with my Paul and none of you guys are in charge, I dont know why you thought you could that, but I am going to be playing Paul for a while, the other Pauls, I'm sorry, but I am Paul]
paul_gc6:04am: To get everything straight
[OCC:I am the Paul Thomas, I've been the Paul Thomas, I have a perfect Storyline with my Paul and none of you guys are in charge, I dont know why you thought you could that, but I am going to be playing Paul for a while, the other Pauls, I'm sorry, but I am Paul]

27th August 2002

daron_malakian10:26pm: As I have said in both mine and Coby's journals, I apologize and I hope he can find some way to forgive me.

Daron Malakian

24th August 2002

david_farrell8:46pm: [[OOC]]
[Due to the accidental gift of an LP journal to an asshole in nice guy clothing and the problems it caused, LJ LP is deleting. It was fun while it lasted, guys. Good luck RPing to everybody, watch your back. The only regret I have is that we gave in to someone who should never have been a part of our group.

To all the friends we've made in this, we'll miss you. Take care.

-- Phe, Brad, Chester, Joe, and Rob]

23rd August 2002

dave_buckner12:53pm: I was added here, but I haven't posted yet. So lemme try.

I'm Dave from Papa Roach...yes, I'm a roach. Roach Pride!

Thanks Jay for adding me here. Though my lazy ass prolly will only post every once in a while, thanks all the same.

22nd August 2002

daron_malakian11:09pm: Hey all, Daron Malakian here.

I thought I'd post in here and say a few things.

1. Thank You Jay your the shit! I appreciate being part of your little community ya got going on here. Thank You man.
2. No Coby Dick!? I like it even more.
3. I love Chasmin!

That's it I just wanted to say something since I am part of this community now. I will see you all later.

Current Mood: awake
mercedeslander12:59pm: i' haven't posted in here yet.. so i suppose i should.

i'm mercedes! wheeeeeeee! i'm from kittie...

i love jay gordon! ahhh! ^jumps^

and umm... dallas smith is my boyfriend?

i guess that's it! comment if you wish!
Current Mood: silly

21st August 2002

lilylazer9:22pm: I didn't notice I was here until now...so thanks for adding me and all that shit. My name's Mikko Lindström, aka Linde, aka about 98983 other things, and I'm the guitarist for HIM.
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20th August 2002

slashh6:32pm: Any of the guys from AC/DC around?

Also I still haven't got any word on Meredith Brooks...

19th August 2002

ex_fab_moret2879:12pm: thank you for including the strokes in your community. we all appreciate it to be amongst good company.

Current Mood: good

16th August 2002

emersonburton1:22pm: Uh, hello. I'm Burton...and i'm a cowboy that plays the keyboards in a band called HIM/HER. So if you don't know me...you will soon.
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15th August 2002

robinguy9:33pm: L'amour peut te faire souffrir
Intros, intros, intros. Here I go...

The name is Robin Guy, and I'm the drummer for a spiffy little rockalicious band called Rachel Stamp. My bandmates are davidryder, willcrewdson, and shaheena. What is there to say about me? I'm a Gemini and enjoy longs midnight walks...er...um...oops. Seriously though, aside from being a drummer, I'm also a DJ at totalrock.com every Tuesday from 6-9 on the Urchin and Robin Show. Hey, I don't get paid...but it's basically like free promotion for Stamp. I also do a kick-ass Vanilla Ice impression.

All of you should run out to the nearest fine record shop and buy Rachel Stamp (if they don't have it, then they're a bunch of tossers). I'm not necessarily ordering you to think that we're groovy...I just need money to buy underwear. Alas, little miss David decided it would be fun to shred all my underwear. So please, for the love of knickers, buy our records.

That is all for my introduction, lovelies. Ta.
Current Mood: grateful
r_sambora6:14pm: ~waves~
Thank you to whoever let me join. You rule.
Current Mood: amused
jack_white5:10pm: this is a subject line
Hey, i`ve been added here. cool.

i`m Jack White, for all you uneducated people under a rock out there. I`m in a small band called The White Stripes.We`ve been around to the nation-wide eye for roughly around 4 years, known around Detroit for much longer.

Uh. We`re currently on tour with The Strokes. We played Irving Plaza last night ( great time. [ I ] enjoyed myself completely), and Radio City Music Hall tonight.

I accidentally smacked myself in the face with my microphone stand last night. I guess it was pretty funny. I didn`t laugh at myself until after I walked offstage.

That`s all for "Jack White`s incredibly pointless information" for today. Add me and all that great shit.



PS; I am the Master of Gibberish. Ask anyone who`s been to a show. *smirks*
Current Mood: amused
jay_gordon12:51pm: I don't care what any of you may say, I have made this community for Rock and Punk stars, and our families. I don't care if you and I don't get along, or what the fuck ever. This is for us to communicate with each other, talk about whatever the fuck we want to, but I will tell you this. I won't kick you out becuase I don't like you, or becuase you piss me off, but be prepared for retaliation if you come in here bitching about others in here. There are people in here who defend thier friends until the end, and you will not only be fighting with that person, but their friends who stand up with them.

14th August 2002

ashley_judd1:17pm: Yayyy!
Ooooh! A cool new place where Coby Dick is not invited... i think people will be happy here... Jay honey, you are a genious :) I love you... and Wayne... nice to see you again :)

Thanks for inviting me.
Current Mood: giggly
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